One Take Media brings Kids Animation in six regional languages

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Mumbai: Kids content viewership has been on the rise since the last few years in India. One Take Media, with its sprawling library of thousands of hours of kids animation content has been a constant provider of kids entertainment. These shows are not available just in Hindi but also in five other regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi and Bengali.

One Take Media brings many award-winning animated series in regional Indian languages like Bablu Dablu Adventures, Cubs, Monster Plan, Bablu Dablu Squad, Billa Jasoos, Invention Story, Simba The King Lion, Jungle Book and many more.

“While the platform of consumption differs for many kids, be it linear television, FAST Tv or handheld devices, the consumption of kids content has only increased,” said One Take Media joint managing director Dr. Shamoly Khera. “Consumers prefer to consume content in their own language and the same applies to kids' content. Kids love to watch animated shows in the language they hear at home – we are certainly seeing a better uptake in engagement with regional content.”

With evolving consumer behavior, One Take Media is determined to continue providing top-notch animated series and movies to the diverse Indian audience. All of these shows can now be accessed on Playflix - a content-streaming OTT app by One Take Media Co.

Apart from Kids Animated series and Animated movies, OTMC also offers a wide library of Korean dramas, International shows, Hollywood dubbed movies and more.

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