One Take Media brings the animated series ?Bablu Dablu Cubs? to India

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One Take Media has announced it is bringing the animated series ?Bablu Dablu Cubs? to India.

The animated series is designed for children between the ages of 4 to 12. It is based on the cub bears and their friends who are set in a wooded wonderland. The series will be available to its viewers in both English and Hindi languages.

?Bablu Dablu Cubs? is a fun package of edutainment series taking kids into the exciting world of the curious bear cubs. While the show highlights positive values like friendship, bravery and confidence, it promises to entertain young audience at the same time.

One Take Media Co, Director, Shamoly Khera, said, ?We are excited to bring the exciting adventures of Bablu Dablu cubs to India. Besides stories that will tickle the young viewers? curiosity, the show focuses on emotional growth while teaching children about nature, science and daily life. The scenes are well-crafted and the characters are adorable; we predict a fantastic connect between the children and Bablu Dablu cubs.?

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