One Take Media acquires few horror titles to enhance its library in that genre

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One Take Media Co. (OTMC) is on a content acquiring spree and has more than 10,000+ hours of content covering almost all the genres. It has a varied range of content including Hollywood Movies, Kids content, Cooking Content, Korean series and many more.

Despite Indian audiences being inclined towards genres like Drama, Romance and Comedy, Horror content has created its own market and is very much in demand. Horror is one such genre which is always welcomed especially by the youth. Although, the taste and the demand for horror has seen a clear shift in due course of time, one reason being Hollywood investing highly and bringing innovation in the genre. Conjuring can be defined as an epic example or a milestone which significantly increased the fondness for horror content.

Keeping this mind, recently, One Take Media Co. has started to focus on strengthening its library for Horror movies. OTMC has a significant amount of Horror content available in English and in all the Indian regional languages. Robert the Doll, Curse of the Nun, Ouija House and many more terrifying titles.

OTMC founder and CEO Anil Khera said, “We all have had our experiences of watching a horror movie and ending up in a long discussion with our friends about it. Hiding under the blankets or peeping under the bed to ensure if everything was fine. All of these instances actually become a memorable part of our lives. We don’t want our audience to miss this out in any way. Hence, we promise to bring more and more to your service and that to in your preferred language.”

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