One Take Media Co. (OTMC) Picks Rights for Boonie Bears: The Adventurers 2

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MUMBAI: Boonie Bears Adventures 2 is a brand-new 3D Animation series of 2018 Production Year with 52 Episodes of 13 Minutes each.One Take Media Co. has ALL MEDIA Rights Across all Platforms for SAARC Nations. Adventurers 2 is from the well-known Animation House Fantawaild Holdings Inc.

Boonie Bears Adventurers 2 is called so for a reason. This series follows Vick, Briar and Bramble on brand-new wild adventures. Pine Tree Mountain has become a preserve that draws visitors from all around to see its natural beauty and wildlife. This wildlife now includes some new but familiar residents: Hugo and friends from the hit movie, The Big Top Secret!

After Wolfgang’s defeat in season one, an ambitious super scientist, Rex Vector, is sent to secretly capture animals in return for funding for his experiments. Carly returns to the forest during a break from her studies to find that all is not well. Times are dire for the forest and its friends and she must once again team up with Vick, Briar and Bramble to defend the forest from the injustices of Wolfgang and Rex Vector, facing brand new challenges and greater dangers than ever before. Will they be enough to save the forest? Join the fight in an all new season of The Adventurers!

One Take Media Co. (OTMC) is a global content Production & Distribution based in Mumbai,India. It is one of the leaders in providing Value Added Services(VAS) to DTH, Telecom and Cable industries. Services include Hollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies dubbed in Hindi & regional languages , Kids Animation Movies& Series Celebrity based Cooking show and Korean Content and K Pop. OTMC is also successfully providing content to various OTT Players in India and abroad.

One Take Media Co. (OTMC) Director, Ms. Shamoly Khera said “Year 2019 has been important for us in terms of acquisitions. We understand our audiences and their content needs. Boonie Bears Adventurers 2 is a fun filled exciting series which will entertain children to the fullest.Each episode has such eye catching animation and background effects that not only children but even adults would find it difficult to get their eyes off the screen while watching Adventurers 2!! “

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