The long-forgotten Stop Motion Animations and Non-Verbal Animations are back

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MUMBAI: One Take Media Co. has always believed in creating a diverse content library. Right from Hollywood Movies to Animated Content, from regional content to international content. Covering almost 24 genres, how could have they left the Nonverbal and StopMotion content behind.

The world is extremely diverse. We have hundreds of languages spoken and cultures followed. People are entirely different from each other. But the one thing which remains common in all of us is EMOTIONS. We can be of nationality, culture or community but emotions are the one thing which unites us all. And that is exactly what Non-verbal contents are pitching for.

We all remember the classic and all the time favourite Tom and Jerry Cartoon Shows. There was no language used but only expressions and yet it touched millions of hearts around the globe. That is the power of Non-Verbal Communication.

The Beet Party is one such example in the nonverbal category. The Beet Partyis about the Five of the coolest Beetroots in town. They are chilling in the fridge when something new and unexpected arrives on their shelf. It is a series of 104 episodes of 2 minutes each. It takes only seconds to bring a smile on someone’s face.

Apart from Non-Verbal Content, OTMC also has a wide library of Stop Motion Animations.

Stop Motion Animation is a technique used in animation to bring static objects to life on screen. This is done by moving the object in increments while filming a frame per increment. When all the frames are played in sequence it shows movement.Stop motion animation is almost as old as film itself.And not to be mistaken, Stop Motion is no less expensive than any Computer based animation. In fact it is more expensive than 3D CG. It requires a lot of time, money, hard work and patience to finally craft out a piece of perfect art.

OTMC is proud to announce its fun filled Stop Motion Animation Series Pat and Mat.

Pat and Mat (Season 1 & 2) is about two friends facing self-made problems where they try to solve them by using anything impossible and possible and their solutions lead to more problems, at the end the "problem" is fixed and they finish off with their distinctive handshake.

It might sound simple but it guarantees a lot of fun and laughter for everyone.

Mr. Anil Khera, Founder and CEO of One Take Media Co. says, “Honestly Pat and Mat and The Beet Party are one of my favorites Animations. It takes less of my time and refreshes me to the core. We feel it is a real talent to engage people of all the age groups and also make them happy at the same time without even uttering a word. It is our fondness in such content that gives usthe confidence in believing that this content of ours is definitely a block buster and game changer.”

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