“Sheikh Chilli & Friendz” are here to rule the world !!

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One Take Media Co. is happy to announce the agreement reached with Apsons Entertainment (Mayapuri group,owners of Lotpot - kids comic magazine) for overseas distribution of World famous series “Sheikh Chilli & Friendz” for World Territories (except SAARC). This show has 104 Episodes of 11 minutes each.

The rights are open for broadcast platforms and OTT platforms globally (except SAARC region). In India this show is successfully running on Discovery Kids and has millions of followers.

The stories in this series have been designed keeping in mind today’s children, who are modern and have gadgets. The stories are light and are based in events linked to the children’s lives and have action, drama, and fun.

The main characters of Sheikh Chilli and Friendz are 9-year old Sheikh Chilli, who lives in a town called Jhunjhun Nagariya. He is a sweet and innocent lad and has some good
Friends. He has a friend Bulbul who talks a lot but is dumb-witted. Mallika is Sheikh Chill’s dear friend and very intelligent. Then we have “The One And Only” Khatkoo, who is just 6 inches tall and stays in Sheikh Chilli’s pocket. Noorie Jinn was found by Sheikh Chilli in a bottle. He comes out of the bottle only when Sheikh Chilli recites the magic words and does only what Sheikh Chilli asks him to do. Buri is a sorceress and is out to get the necklace with the blue diamond worn by Noorie Jinn. Another character is Gama, Sheikh Chilli’s class-mate but a bully and always troubling Sheikh Chilli. Lootera is the stupid thief who is always trying to rob everybody but does not succeed because of Sheikh Chilli’s gang.

Mr. Aman Bajaj - Publisher (Owner) - Mayapuri Group – Lotpot magazine, with 30+ years of experience in production and animation.His team is developing multiple IP characters of Lotpot kids magazine like Motu Patlu ,Sheikh Chilli & Neetu.

He has told “Sheikh Chilli & Friendz stories are based on magic and fantasy. The characters are based in the modern world and are well equipped with technology so that kids of this generation can connect to them “. Also, Shekhar Chopra, CEO of Lotpot has said “We are happy to collaborate with One Take Media Co. This association will take Sheikh Chilli & Friendz to global territories.”

OTMC is one of leaders in providing value Added Services to DTH, Telecom ,OTT and Cable industries, services include Hollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies dubbed in Hindi, Kid Animated Movies/shows, Celebrity based Cooking show and Korean TV series.

Mr. Anil Khera , CEO & Founder of One Take Media says “ We are very confident that this acquisition of Sheikh Chilli & Friendz for global distribution would prove to be a successful bet. We are constantly striving towards offering new media and content to our viewers. Watching Sheikh Chilli& Friendz will be a complete delight for our audience’s world over “

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