K-POP Finally in India to Thrill Millennials

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MUMBAI: One Take Media Co. (OTMC) is happy to announce their new content offering - K POP. They have more than 700+ songs in its library and approx. 60 episodes of K POP Music series. And OTMC is keen to expand their library even further

K Pop is genre of popular music originating from South Korea. Popularity of Korean language in India is growing with many youngsters opting for Korean Language as a foreign languageafter being fascinated by K-Pop. Indian youngsters are currently in the grip of “Hallyu” wave i.e. under influence of South Korean culture in terms of food, music, shows, beauty products and language

Indian audience has accepted Korean Drama Series with open arms and the same is expected with their music, K POP too. While the Indian audience is becoming more experimental and open to different music styles day by day. One Take Media Co. has taken the right step to enter the domain of K POP.

Mr. Anil Khera, Founder and CEO of One Take Media Co.,who himself is a pioneer in this industry for decades holds a lot of confidence and pleasure in bringing diversity to the entertainment consumption. He said, “Music is something which has always been a passion for Indian audience, I am just trying to bring more on the platter”.

One Take Media Co. has more than 10000+ hours of content and covers almost all the genres. It has a varied range of content involving Hollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies dubbed in all regional languages, Kids Movies, Kids Series, Kids Rhymes, Cooking Content, Korean series and Music.

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