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Legend of Titanic



Back in his apartment in a New York Sky Scraper, an old mouse by the name of Top Connors tells his great grand children of when he was young and had just boarded the Titanic... During this infamous voyage, Connors meets the many friends... Also aboard the ship is the Duke of Camden, his daughter Elizabeth and the Duke’s wife. There is even an entire colony of rodents to be found, among them a Brazilian mouse by the name of Ronnie (who later plays an important part in this story). Unfortunately, the wicked Baron Vandertilt has also boarded the boat. The Baron wishes to marry Elizabeth (to her great dismay!) in order to obtain a whale hunting license from her father. Baron Vandertilt, the Duke’s treacherous second wife, a malicious shark called “Ice Teeth” and their henchmen will then later manage to sink the Titanic....

  • Release: 2000

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