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The Prince Of Dinasours



Behold Rakhal, Prince of the Land of Ice, where dinosaurs exhibit semi-human behaviours. The city is ruled by an ancient troll called Chaca, Myellin the owl and a snow leopard by the name of Cordall… One day, Rakhal stumbles upon an ancient parchment full of incomprehensible writing and calls upon his dinosaur friends Micr, Piath, Proth, Argy and Frick to help decipher its meaning. It is agreed that the parchment is clearly quite ancient, thus the only one able to translate it is Mutty, an elderly archaeologist who lives at the border of the known lands.Prince Rakhal and his five little friends will in the end save their world from the forces of evil. Their first mission is to free Princess Aura, held captive by an impenetrable energy barrier located deep in a cave of lands unknown .

  • Release: 2000

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