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The Blade Of Storm

Action, Martial Arts


Five years ago, the towns demon gang, the largest gang in the rivers and lakes, made the court jealous because of their power. The leader, Long Xiaotian, in order to keep the rivers and lakes stable and the world was peaceful, announced the dissolution of the town s demon gang. It disappeared in the arena. Five years later, Long Xiaotian, who had already lived in seclusion, was arrested by his wife and was forced to leave the mountain to assassinate Li Shimin. And the misleading deputy gang Cao Rui attacked Long Xiaotian and seized the Demon Sword. Fortunately, Long Xiaotian was rescued by Li Yufeng and Chi Luojin.

  • Cast: Yang Junyu, Peng Jing, Dai Zixiang, Liu Zhouting, Chen Changkuang
  • Director: Zhang Lei
  • Durations: 1h 30m
  • Release: 2019

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