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Undercover Season 3

Drama, Crime


Agent Martin's is more dangerous than ever. Mafia boss, Dzharo, has been released from house arrest. And becomes extremely cautious; his protégé, Ivo, seizes the opportunity and begins to conquer the criminal underworld. The escalating war between lvo and Dzharo threatens all who are involvd, including the police officers investigating their activities. Dzharo ultimately loses the battle and unsuccessfully tries to procure political immunity for himself.As the new Godfather, lvo struggles to maintain the respect of his once loyal guards and finds himself increasingly isolated and vulnerable to betrayal. Commissar Popov manages to save the life of the now exposed agent, Martin, while allowing the resourceful to escape.

  • Cast: Ivaylo Zahariev, irena Milankova,Zahary Baharov, Mihail Bilalov, Alexander Sano, Vladiir Penev
  • Director: Dimitar Mitovski
  • Durations: 24 Episodes, 30 Minutes

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