We bring handpicked Hollywood movies closer to an audience that loves exploring world-famous Hollywood movies. Exploring today we take you through the Top 3 Hollywood Movies - dubbed in Hindi. These three movies are full of thrill, action and mystery that you absolutely can?t miss!

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The first top-rated movie on our list is the thriller drama Hacker. The movie follows a teenage girl Laura who saw her father getting arrested in her childhood. Laura later turns into a hacker and helps to protect the nation. But her life changed upside down when she got a tip that a Congressman is going to be murdered soon. What happened next is a secret but, and to find that out, you have got to go ahead and watch this movie, now available in Hindi too! watch movie

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The second movie in our top 3 list is Curse of Nun. If you are a hard-core fan of horror genre, then Curse of Nun is highly recommended as it is filled with mystery, thriller, and horror. The movie portrays a mid-age girl, Anna who is planning to make a new beginning leaving behind her painful old memories. But there was someone who wanted Anna to be with her. She's not a human but a nun's wicked soul who tries to stop her from moving to another city. We are not going to give you a spoiler. Watch this movie in the month of Halloween and get ready to scream. Additionally, this movie is enough to send a shiver down your spine ? watch the trailer here to know what we mean! watch movie

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Our third top-rated movie is for action lovers. Full of action, crime, and drama, the movie Black unveils the story of a robber who has robbed several banks. But some sudden circumstances force him to quit robbery. To know what takes him on the right path, watch this action film 'Black', now dubbed in Hindi too. Here?s a quick look at the trailer to warm you up. watch movie

By the way, we have some good news for you! All these top-rated movies are available on this YouTube channel only. Additionally, you can watch these movies on the Playflix app too! We'll be back with some more top-rated Hollywood recommendations. See you soon!

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